Impact of Topical Vehicles and Cutaneous Delivery Technologies on Patient Adherence and Treatment Outcomes in Acne and Rosacea

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J Clin Aesthet Dermatol


OBJECTIVE: Topical therapies remain the mainstay in treating patients with acne and rosacea. However, emerging real-world evidence demonstrates that desired treatment outcomes might not be achieved if patient satisfaction and adherence are low. Poor tolerability of active drug(s) and vehicle components and/or the drug delivery system could negatively influence adherence. Additionally, adherence might be lower with complex treatment regimens involving the application of multiple topical formulations. Optimizing vehicle tolerability and simplifying regimens that use fixed-dose combinations may improve treatment outcomes, better patient satisfaction, and reduce overall treatment costs. This qualitative review discusses several innovative drug delivery technologies and formulations aimed at improving patient satisfaction and adherence.

METHODS: The authors conducted a search of current and emerging topical drug delivery technologies used in clinical studies, reviewed primary literature on the chemical characteristics of topical dosage forms, and compared the impacts on treatment outcomes for acne and rosacea.

RESULTS: This article provides insight into innovative vehicles and drug delivery systems that have emerged allowing for fixed-dose combinations of incompatible active drugs and improving the tolerability of historically irritative active ingredients.

LIMITATIONS: Further research is needed to fully highlight the impact of patient satisfaction and modern topical formulations on adherence and treatment outcomes.

CONCLUSION: Drug microencapsulation is a delivery technology that has enabled development of a topical fixed-dose combination of benzoyl peroxide and tretinoin preventing the oxidation of tretinoin by benzoyl peroxide and improving the tolerability of the active ingredients.

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