Worldwide expert recommendations for the diagnosis and management of vitiligo: Position statement from the international Vitiligo Task Force-Part 2: Specific treatment recommendations

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Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology : JEADV


BACKGROUND: The treatment of vitiligo can be challenging. Up-to-date agreed consensus recommendations on the use of topical and systemic therapies to facilitate the clinical management of vitiligo are currently lacking.

OBJECTIVES: To develop internationally agreed-upon expert-based recommendations for the treatment of vitiligo.

METHODS: In this consensus statement, a consortium of 42 international vitiligo experts and four patient representatives participated in different online and live meetings to develop a consensus management strategy for vitiligo. At least two vitiligo experts summarized the evidence for different topics included in the algorithms. A survey was then given to a core group of eight experts to resolve the remaining issues. Subsequently, the recommendations were finalized and validated based on further input from the entire group during two live meetings.

RESULTS: The recommendations provided summarize the latest evidence regarding the use of topical therapies (steroids, calcineurin inhibitors and Jak-inhibitors) and systemic therapies, including steroids and other systemic immunomodulating or antioxidant agents. The different modalities of phototherapies (NB-UVB, photochemotherapy, excimer devices and home phototherapy), which are often combined with other therapies, are also summarized. Interventional approaches as well as depigmentation strategies are presented for specific indications. Finally, the status of innovative and targeted therapies under development is discussed.

CONCLUSIONS: This international consensus statement culminated in expert-based clinical practice recommendations for the treatment of vitiligo. The development of new therapies is ongoing in vitiligo, and this will likely improve the future management of vitiligo, a disease that still has many unmet needs.

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Humans; Vitiligo; Phototherapy; Ultraviolet Therapy; Photochemotherapy; Steroids; Treatment Outcome; Combined Modality Therapy

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