Efficacy evaluation of an antioxidant complex on visible light-induced biologic effects

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J Invest Dermatol


Visible light and long wavelength ultraviolet A1 (VL+UVA1, 370-700 nm) have synergistic effects on pigmentation and erythema in darker skin individuals. This study evaluated VL+UVA1 skin responses in lighter skin individuals which have not been studied previously. Efficacy of an antioxidant complex on VL+UVA1 induced effects was also investigated for all skin phototypes (SPT). Twenty subjects, 10 SPT I-III and 10 SPT IV-VI were enrolled. Sites treated with three concentrations of a topical antioxidant complex (tocopherol, ascorbic acid, diethylhexyl syringylidene malonate, and caprylic/capric triglyeride) were compared to untreated control. The antioxidant complex was placed on participants’ back followed by VL+UVA1 irradiation with 480 and 320 J/cm2 for SPT 1-III and IV-VI respectively. Clinical and colorimetric assessments were performed immediately, at 24 hours, and 7 days after irradiation. All 10 SPT I-III subjects had erythema response immediately after irradiation at all sites. Colorimetry delta a* measurements demonstrated that the site treated with the highest concentration of the product had significantly lower erythema (p=0.007) compared to control. All 10 SPT IV-VI subjects had an immediate pigment darkening response. Colorimetry delta ITA measurements demonstrated that the site treated with the highest concentration of product was significantly lighter immediately after irradiation (p=0.005). At day 7, this trend continued although significance was not reached (p=0.07). The VL+UVA1 doses used in this study, 480 and 320 J/cm2, correspond to approximately 2.5 and 1.5 hours of sun exposure, respectively. The results provide evidence that these doses induce biologic effects in subjects with all skin phototypes. The antioxidant complex reduced the intensity of the VL+UVA1 induced effects, supporting the hypothesis that by quenching reactive oxygen species, antioxidant products may mitigate these effects.





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