Using patient education to achieve optimal results with their topical retinoid/benzoyl peroxide therapy

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Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association


BACKGROUND: In our clinical practice, it was found that our nursing staff did not know the evidence-based rationale for administration times related to topical retinoids (specifically tretinoin and adapalene) and benzoyl peroxide for the treatment of acne. Our nursing staff fields phone calls and questions from patients regarding their treatment plans and has a significant impact on their adherence to these plans.

PURPOSE: Upon discovering this knowledge gap, a literature review was completed to provide data to our nursing staff to ensure that they are able to share the evidencebased rationale with patients and improve their adherence to their treatment plan.

METHODS: Literature review was used.

IMPLICATIONS: Teaching the nursing staff was essential to ensure that each of our nurses is sharing evidence-based knowledge with the patients when they call with questions about their treatment plans. Our nurses can now more confidently explain the purpose for the timing of the patient's medications, and the patients are more likely to adhere to their regimen as prescribed and achieve better outcomes in the treatment of their acne.





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