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J Am Acad Dermatol


Roflumilast cream is a nonsteroidal, selective phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitor in development for plaque psoriasis (PsO). A Phase 2b, double-blinded trial randomized adults with PsO (2-20% body surface area) to once daily roflumilast 0.3%, roflumilast 0.15%, or vehicle for 12 weeks (NCT03638258). Throughout the trial, itch and its impact were evaluated via patient reported outcomes (PROs): Worst Itch Numeric Rating Scale (WI–NRS), Itch related Sleep Loss (IRSL), and Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI). This posthoc analysis reports correlation of WI–NRS with other PROs and with disease severity. Overall, 331 patients were randomized (109 to roflumilast 0.3%, 113 to 0.15%, and 109 to vehicle). At baseline, the mean WI–NRS score was 5.87. Throughout the trial, both roflumilast doses showed similar improvements in WI–NRS starting at Week 2 and were significantly superior to vehicle (P ≤.002). At baseline, Pearson correlation coefficients (PCCs) for WI–NRS and Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) were 0.189, 0.282, 0.205 for roflumilast 0.3%, roflumilast 0.15%, and vehicle, respectively (P ≤.033 for all correlations); for WI–NRS and IRSL: 0.548, 0.646, 0.652 (P ˂.001); for WI–NRS and DLQI: 0.445, 0.617, 0.422 (P ˂.001). At Week 8, PCCs for WI–NRS and PASI were 0.420, 0.409, 0.365 (P ˂.001); for WI–NRS and IRSL: 0.673, 0.725, 0.696 (P ˂.001); for WI–NRS and DLQI: 0.607, 0.823, 0.529. Treatment with roflumilast resulted in rapid and robust improvement in the severity of itch associated with PsO. Itch response to roflumilast was independent of disease severity and positively correlated with patient-reported sleep loss and quality of life improvement.





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