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J Am Acad Dermatol


Background: In ADVANCE, apremilast 30 mg BID (APR) demonstrated efficacy in mild-to-moderate psoriasis vs placebo (PBO). We report subgroup analyses by baseline psoriasis-involved BSA (≤5%, >5%).

Methods: Biologic-naive adults with mild-to-moderate psoriasis (sPGA 2-3, BSA 2%-15%, PASI 2-15) inadequately controlled with or intolerant to ≥1 topical were randomized to APR or PBO for 16 weeks. At Week 16, endpoints were compared between treatment groups and by baseline BSA.

Results: At baseline, 284 patients had BSA ≤5% (APR: 143; PBO: 141); 311 had BSA >5% (APR: 154; PBO: 157). Overall, a greater proportion of APR patients achieved the primary endpoint, sPGA response (score 0/1 [clear/almost clear] with ≥2-point reduction at Week 16) vs PBO (21.6% vs 4.1%, P 5%: 54.6% vs 14.9%, P 5%: 45.4% vs 17.6%, P 5%: 50.6% vs 19.2%, P 5%: 11.0 vs 10.0 DLQI 5-point improvement (baseline DLQI >5): - BSA≤5%: 56.6% vs 31.2%, P =.0002 - BSA>5%: 64.4% vs 36.4%, P ˂.0001.

Conclusions: Greater proportions of patients achieved efficacy outcomes and greater improvements in QOL with APR vs PBO. Comparable improvements were observed between mild and moderate subgroups.





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