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J Am Acad Dermatol


Background: In ADVANCE (NCT03721172), apremilast 30 mg BID (APR) demonstrated significantly greater sPGA response vs. PBO at Week 16 (22% vs. 4%; P <.0001) in patients with mild-to-moderate psoriasis. The Physician Global Assessment and Body Surface Area Composite Tool (PGA × BSA) is a simple, sensitive measure of psoriasis severity for patients with BSA<10%. We performed a post hoc analysis of the efficacy results from ADVANCE using the PGA×BSA.

Methods: This current post hoc analysis included all randomized patients. Missing data were imputed by multiple imputation. PGAxBSA-50/75/90 was 50%, 75% and 90% improvement in PGAxBSA from baseline.

Results: Of 595 randomized patients (APR: 297; PBO: 298), baseline characteristics were similar for mean BSA (APR: 6.4; PBO: 6.3), sPGA score 2 (APR 31%; PBO: 31%), sPGA score 3 (APR: 69%; PBO: 70%), and mean PGA×BSA (APR: 17.6; PBO: 17.5). At Week 16, significantly more patients achieved PGAxBSA-50/75/90 response with APR vs. PBO: PGA×BSA-50, 67% vs. 26% (P <.0001), difference 41%, 95%CI (32.7,48.5) PGA×BSA-75, 46% vs. 13% (P <.0001), difference 33%, 95%CI (25.8,40.2) PGA×BSA-90, 27% vs. 3% (P <.0001), difference 24%, 95%CI (18.3,29.6) A significant improvement from baseline at Week 16 in PGA×BSA was observed with APR vs PBO: Mean % change (SE) in PGA×BSA, -51.8 (4.2) vs. 1.97 (4.3); difference (95%CI): -53.8 (-65.4, -42.2), P <.0001.

Conclusions: The PGA×BSA Composite Tool appeared to be a sensitive and a relevant measure for mild-to-moderate psoriasis that showed significantly greater treatment differences at 50%, 75%, and 90% response thresholds at Week 16 with APR compared with PBO in ADVANCE.





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