VITI-SUN: A multicentric prospective study to evaluate sun protection behavior in patients with vitiligo

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Pigment Cell and Melanoma Research


Patients with vitiligo have a reduced protection on depigmented areas. To date, however, little is known about photoprotection habits in patients with vitiligo even though these patients are thought to have a decreased ability to efficiently protect their skin against sun damage. Moreover, exposure to artificial UV is one of the major elements of the treatment of vitiligo even though certain phenotypes of vitiligo could be photoinduced. In this context we are conducting a multicentric prospective study between France and the USA to evaluate sun protection habits in patients with vitiligo. For that purpose a semi-directed questionnaire to investigate the sun protection behavior of vitiligo patients (adults> 18 years of age) have been created. Vitiligo severity will be self-assessed by patients using a recently validated patient reported outcome, the SA-VES. The main objective of this study is to describe photoprotective behavior in patients with vitiligo. The secondary objectives are: • To evaluate the link between photo-exposure and occurrence of vitiligo outbreak • To evaluate the photoprotection habits according to patients phototype and to the severity of the disease We plan to include 500 patients with vitiligo including all phototypes. We have currently enrolled more than 200 patients and our results point to different sun protective habits between men and women. Our study may help to correctly address photoprotection in patients with vitiligo



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