Clerkships in Emergency Medicine.

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The Journal of emergency medicine


Planning for clerkships in emergency medicine (EM) can be stressful, prolonged, and challenging. Therefore, medical students should start planning for them early. In this article, we offer guidance regarding several issues pertinent to the EM clerkship, such as the best time to schedule one (or more) during medical school, the most appropriate institution or program to schedule it, the process of selecting and applying for the clerkship, and the number of EM clerkships to consider. We will explain why an EM clerkship should be scheduled between June and October and the reason that 2 EM clerkships at different sites are sufficient for the majority of students. Additionally, we emphasize that clerkships in emergency departments associated with EM residency programs or with reputations for outstanding student teaching tend to be most beneficial. Above all, students interested in EM should attempt to leave a great impression after completing their clerkships by providing stellar patient care, demonstrating enthusiasm at all times, and maintaining professionalism. In turn, they will gain knowledge and clinical experiences that should prove valuable in their future.

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