Submissions from 2019

Intervention during wait time: Identification and referral of individuals nonadherent for colorectal screening, B Abar, P Dalawari, C Ogedegbe, Howard A. Klausner, D Adler, K Bradley, and K N. Sethuraman

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Lactic acidosis or not? A case of two acidotic siblings, M Dimovska, Lydia Baltarowich, and C Aaron

Disclosing Medical Errors and Coping With the Emotions That Follow, Caroline Dowers

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Small cell lung carcinoma with three paraneoplastic syndromes in one patient, Nitesh Gandhi, Alaa Abu Sayf, and Sam Tigari

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280 Tracking Physical Activity and Sleep Patterns in Emergency Medicine Residents Using Wearable Activity Monitors, Satheesh Gunaga, J Park, Brian Obrycki, J Hashim, Ryan Spencer, and R Jarski

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The Impact of an Early Intervention Team in the Emergency Department for ICU Boarders, Namita Jayaprakash, Jacqueline Pflaum, Jayna Gardner-Gray, Gina Hurst, Harish Kinni, Victor Coba, and Emanuel Rivers

“Secure-Preserve-Fight” or “Run-Hide-Fight”: Expectations of an emergency department patient population during an active assailant event, Edward Kakish, P Rega, B Fink, and K Kenney

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Adherence to health care appointments is associated with weight loss following bariatric surgery, Kellie Martens, Bethany Pester, Leah Hecht, Shannon Clark, Aaron Hamann, Arthur M. Carlin, and Lisa R. Miller-Matero

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Screening for Balance and Vision Symptoms in Triage to Enhance Identification of Strokes in the Emergency Department, Henry Tan, Caroline Hannon, Anu Gopalan, Adam Alexander, Jared Patel, Dylan Bergeon, Linda Andreoli, R Jarski, Thomas McKeown, and Satheesh Gunaga

The impact of age on sepsis revisits and readmissions, G Wardi, I Joel, V M. Toila, E M. Castillo, C Tainter, R Y. Hsia, J J. Brennan, and Namita Jayaprakash

Submissions from 2018

A Single High Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I Measurement from Siemens Healthineers Can Be Used to Rule out Acute Myocardial Infarction at Low Risk in Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department, F S. Apple, R Christenson, C DeFilippi, James McCord, A Sexter, and Richard M. Nowak

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Potential for Mobile Health Technology to Reduce Health Disparities in Underserved Communities, Sophia Binz, T Van Veen, M Muminovic, K Rose, JoAnn Rammal, J France, and Joseph B. Miller MD

Etched in Stone: A Case of Fatal Ammonium Bifluoride Poisoning, L Bisoski, Lydia Baltarowich, and C Aaron

Quantification of Intensive Care Unit Care in an Urban Emergency Department, Andrew Bissonette, Namita Jayaprakash, Daniel Hrabec, Jacqueline Pflaum, Jayna Gardner-Gray, Gina Hurst, Victor Coba, Emanuel Rivers, and Joseph B. Miller MD

Professional Interpreter Use Among Limited English Proficiency Patients in the Emergency Department, R Bitrus, K Rose, A Robichaud, and A Cruz

A Novel Curriculum for Ophthalmology Training of Emergency Medicine Residents (COPTER), Andrea Bouman, Nikhil Goyal, C Guyer, A Goyal, H Huitsing, Caroline Dowers, C Clark, S Noll, Michael F Harrison, and Stephanie Stokes-Buzzelli

Predictors and Outcome of Diagnostic Error in Patients at Risk for Critical Illness, J Chae, Namita Jayaprakash, M Sabov, S Samavedam, O Gajic, and B W. Pickering

Do High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I Clinical Performance Data in Package Inserts Reflect Realistic Clinical Expectations?, R H. Christenson, S Duh, F S. Apple, Richard M. Nowak, James McCord, and C R. De Filippi

A case of community-acquired enterobacter aerogenes meningitis, Randi Connor-Schuler and Jayna Gardner-Gray

A Case of Community-Acquired Enterobacter Aerogenes Meningitis, Randi Connor-Schuler and Jayna Gardner-Gray

Cardiac Arrest from Massive PE in Nephrotic Syndrome Successfully Treated with Embolectomy and Ecmo, Randi Connor-Schuler, Daniel Hrabec, Abdul Kareem Uduman, and JP Corrales

Cardiac arrest from massive PE in nephrotic syndrome successfully treated with embolectomy and ECMO, Randi Connor-Schuler, Daniel Hrabec, Abdul Kareem Uduman, and Julio Pinto Corrales

There's an App for That: A Mobile Procedure Logging Application Using Quick Response Codes, Jason Folt, Nikhil Goyal, and P Lam

Red Cell Distribution Width to Predict All-Cause Mortality in Patients Evaluated in the Hospital for Acute Myocardial Infarction, Edward Gildeh, R M. Nowak, S Allen, Gordon Jacobsen, and James McCord

Thiamine Deficiency Is Common Among Emergency Department Oncology Patients, Daniel C. Grahf, F Dabbagh, J France, K Rose, Kaleem Chaudhry, M Muminovic, A Harris, and Joseph B. Miller MD

A Snowball Effect; From an Uncomplicated Delivery to a Rare Case of Septic Ovarian Vein Thrombophelbitis Complicated by Ureteral Obstruction and Septic Pulmonary Emboli, Amal Hejab and Gina Hurst

Increased Length of Emergency Department Boarding Is Not Associated with Increased Mortality, Daniel Hrabec, Namita Jayaprakash, Andrew Bissonette, Kaleem Chaudhry, and Joseph Miller

RNA Expression Differentiates Large Artery and Cardioembolic Stroke: A Pilot Analysis from the Base Trial, E C. Jauch, A D. Barreto, J P. Broderick, D M. Char, B L. Cucchiara, W J. Hicks, G C. Jickling, J G. June, D S. Liebeskind, Joseph B. Miller, J Morgan, J O'Neill, T Schoonover, F Sharp, W F. Peacock, T J. Lowenkopf, and D Y. Huang

MINDtime: Keeping an Eye on the Clock, Seth Krupp, Christopher Lewandowski, D Miller, Megan Brady, Dawn Scozzarri, and Kavit Shah

Do Fear of Movement and Negative Cognitions After Trauma Lead to Activity Avoidance, Depression, and Chronic Posttraumatic Pain Development? Testing the Fear-Avoidance Model Using a Large Prospective Cohort, S Lane, K A. Bollen, A Mintz, M Kurz, P Hendry, C Pearson, M A. Velilla, Christopher A. Lewandowski, E Datner, R Domeier, and S McLean

Sex Differences in Incidence and Predictors of Depression and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms Among African Americans Experiencing Motor Vehicle Collision, S Linnstaedt, Y Pan, A Borde, A Mathew, M Kurz, P Hendry, C Pearson, M A. Velilla, Christopher A. Lewandowski, E Datner, R Domeier, I Liberzon, and S McLean

A Fatal Exposure to Hydrogen Sulfide, Eric Malone and A King

A 24 Milligram Bimodal Release Ondansetron Pill (RHB-102) Shows No Evidence of QT Interval Prolongation, Joseph Miller, S House, L Lovato, A Meltzer, B Hahn, J Avarello, T Plasse, I Kalfus, R Fathi, G Raday, and R Silverman

Hemodynamic Predictors of Early Neurological Worsening in Acute Ischemic Stroke, Joseph Miller, J Tsuei, S Calo, P Levy, and Christopher A. Lewandowski

Rapid Evaluation of Acute Myocardial Infarction in a United States Population Using High Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T and a European Society of Cardiology 0/1-Hour Algorithm Guideline, Richard M. Nowak, Chaun M Gandolfo, Gordon Jacobsen, R Christenson, Michele Moyer, Michael Hudson, and James McCord

The Use in the United States of a Baseline High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T Value Below the Level of Detection to Rule out Acute Myocardial Infarction, Richard M. Nowak, Chaun M Gandolfo, Gordon Jacobsen, R Christenson, Michele Moyer, Michael Hudson, and James McCord

Biomarker Differentiation of Type 1 from Type 2 Acute Myocardial Infarction in the Emergency Department: N-Terminal Pro B-Type Natriuretic Peptide/High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T, Richard M. Nowak, Gordon Jacobsen, R Christenson, Michele Moyer, Michael Hudson, and James McCord

Pott's Disease: A Case in Recognizing and Treating Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis, Malav Parikh, Stephanie Bennett, Jonathan Williams, William Keimig, Anne Chen, and Indira Brar

Reliability of Identifying Diagnostic Error and Delay in Critically Ill Patients, M Sabov, Namita Jayaprakash, J Chae, S Samavedam, O Gajic, and B Pickering

Reliability of identifying diagnostic error and delay in critically ill patients, M. Sabov, Namita Jayaprakash, J. Chae, S. Samavedam, O. Gajic, and B. Pickering

Beta-Adrenergic Toxicity from Adulterated Heroin: The Disappointment of Three Friends, N Satterfield, A Khan, Gina Hurst, and Lydia Baltarowich

Beta-adrenergic toxicity from adulterated heroin: The disappointment of three friends, N. Satterfield, A. Khan, Gina Hurst, and Lydia Baltarowich

Faculty and Resident Perception of Emergency Department Feedback, Mohammad A. Siddiqui and Sudhir Baliga

Treatment of Acute Gastroenteritis-Related Emesis with Bimodal Release Ondansetron, R Silverman, S House, Joseph B. Miller, L Lovato, A Meltzer, B Hahn, J Avarello, I Kalfus, R Fathi, G Raday, and T Plasse

Cardiac Stroke Volume Predicts Early Neurological Worsening in Acute Ischemic Stroke, Sam Tirgari, Joseph B. Miller, J Tsuei, Christopher A. Lewandowski, and P Levy

Submissions from 2017

Ischemic ST-Segment Changes on Electrocardiogram in Acute Myocardial Infarction—Still Common?, Waleed Al-Darzi, Richard M. Nowak, Michael Hudson, Michele Moyer, Gordon Jacobsen, and James McCord

Living in a Low Socioeconomic Status Neighborhood Increases Risk of Developing Clinically Significant PTSD Symptoms After Motor Vehicle Collision, K Bhatt, A Borde, M Bien, S Flannigan, A Soward, M Kurz, P Hendry, Erin Zimny, Christopher A. Lewandowski, M A. Velilla, K Damiron, C Pearson, R Domeier, S Kaushik, J Feldman, M Rosenberg, J Jones, R Swor, N Rathlev, and S McLean

Antihypertensive Medication Effect on Cerebral Blood Flow, Sophia Binz, Joseph B. Miller, Nicholas J Robell, S Calo, and P Levy

Severely Elevated Blood Pressure in the Emergency Department Is an Independent Predictor of 6 and 12 Month Cardiovascular Events, Patrick Brown, Ahmed Abdulhamid, A Eapen, A Elbanna, B J. Greib, Amit Vahia, and Joseph B. Miller

Exploring Women's Acceptance of a Contraception Intervention in the Emergency Department: A Mixed Methods Study, M T. Caldwell, H Polk, N J. Hambrick, Phyllis Vallee, A Robinson, Nikhil Goyal, Jacob Manteuffel, and T Guetterman

Deterioration in Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator After Repeated Freezing and Thawing Cycles for Thromboelastography, S Calo, Anja K Jaehne, Kelly A. Keenan, Jun Xu, B Tawil, R Thompson, Robert A Knight, Joseph Miller, Christopher Lewandowski, and Tavarekere N. Nagaraja

The Duration of Presenting Symptoms Does Not Aid in the Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction, Daniel Hrabec, R Solomon, James McCord, Michael Hudson, Michele Moyer, and Richard M. Nowak

Sepsis-3 the Dysregulated Host Response and Cytokine Changes, Anja K Jaehne, Yalei Chen, A Schoenling, Jasreen Gill, John Deledda, Laila M. Poisson, and Emanuel P Rivers

Cerebral Blood Flow Response to Fluid Challenge in Acute Ischemic Stroke, S Keene, Joseph B. Miller, C L. Price, R Thompson, Sean Calo, P Levy, and Christopher A. Lewandowski

Genetic Variants in the Circadian Rhythm Pathway Predict PTSD Symptoms following Trauma Exposure, Sarah Linnstaedt, Lindsey Jung, Christine Zhou, Matthew Mauck, Michael Kurz, Erin Zimny, Claire Pearson, Phyllis Hendry, and Samuel McLean

fkbp5 Variant rs3800373 Alters fkbp5 RNA Secondary Structure and Prevents Stress-Induced Micro-RNA-320a Downregulation of fkbp5, Resulting in Glucocorticoid Resistance and Increased Vulnerability to Chronic Posttraumatic Pain, S Linnstaedt, K Riker, K Kutchko, L Lackey, M Kurz, Christopher A. Lewandowski, C Pearson, P Hendry, A Laederach, and S McLean

Expression Levels of Xist Rna Predict Ptsd and Chronic Pain Outcomes in Women Experiencing Motor Vehicle Collision, S Linnstaedt, S Yu, C Chen, M Kurz, C Pearson, P Hendry, Christopher A. Lewandowski, R Domeier, K Damiron, and S McLean

Microrna-19b Acts as a Sex-Dependent Regulatory Hub for PTSD and Chronic Widespread Pain Development Following Trauma Exposure, S Linnstaedt, S Yu, C Chen, M Kurz, C Pearson, P Hendry, Christopher A. Lewandowski, R Domeier, K Damiron, and S McLean