Submissions from 2019

Patients with acute pancreatitis who have SIRS and hypoxemia at presentation have evidence of severe systemic and pancreatic inflammation, C Bruen, Joseph B. Miller, C Mackey, M Dunn, K Stauderman, and S Hebbar

RISK STRATIFICATION OF CHEST PAIN IN THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT: INCORPORATING A HIGH-SENSITIVITY TROPONIN ASSAY INTO EXISTING RISK TOOLS, Joseph J Gibbs, W Frank Peacock, S Mahler, Richard M. Nowak, Christopher DeFilippi, Robert Christenson, Fred Apple, Gordon Jacobsen, and James McCord

Submissions from 2018

A case of community-acquired enterobacter aerogenes meningitis, Randi Connor-Schuler and Jayna Gardner-Gray

Cardiac arrest from massive PE in nephrotic syndrome successfully treated with embolectomy and ECMO, Randi Connor-Schuler, Daniel Hrabec, Abdul Kareem Uduman, and Julio Pinto Corrales

Reliability of identifying diagnostic error and delay in critically ill patients, M. Sabov, Namita Jayaprakash, J. Chae, S. Samavedam, O. Gajic, and B. Pickering

Beta-adrenergic toxicity from adulterated heroin: The disappointment of three friends, N. Satterfield, A. Khan, Gina Hurst, and Lydia Baltarowich