Patient Perspectives on the COVID-19 Vaccine: A Pilot Survey Study of Patients in Endocrinology Clinics

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Endocrine practice


OBJECTIVE: Vaccine hesitancy is an impediment to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Endocrinology clinics routinely see patients who are at high risk of a more aggressive form of COVID-19, including patients with diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. As patients with endocrine-related conditions often require multiple visits each year, endocrinology clinics provide a significant opportunity for vaccine education. The aim of our study was to evaluate patient perspectives about COVID-19 vaccination in outpatient endocrinology clinics.

METHODS: A pilot survey study of patients who visited 3 endocrinology clinics between May 31, 2021, and June 18, 2021. A 7-item questionnaire explored the patients' perspectives and behaviors regarding COVID-19 vaccination. Data were analyzed with descriptive statistics.

RESULTS: A total of 446 patients from 3 clinic locations (1 urban and 2 suburbans) completed our survey. There were 361 (81%) patients who indicated that they were planning to or had already received the COVID-19 vaccination, 56 (13%) reported no intent for vaccination, and 29 (7%) were unsure. Of the 85 patients who were unsure or did not intend to be vaccinated, 43 (51%) were Black, 30 (35%) were White, and 4 (5%) had other racial/ethnic identities. When asked about vaccine hesitancy, 25 (29%) wanted to wait and see how the others responded to the vaccine, 20 (24%) had concerns about the side effects, 12 (14%) did not believe in vaccines, and 11 (13%) felt that COVID-19 was not as bad as the media had portrayed it. Significantly more Black patients had vaccine hesitancy than White patients (P = .035).

CONCLUSION: Although most endocrinology patients were amenable to COVID-19 vaccination, a subpopulation still expressed vaccine hesitancy, indicating that endocrinology clinics may be an ideal place for targeted vaccine education.

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