Medical Education Research Forum

The annual Henry Ford Health Medical Education Research Forum (MERF) is held in the E&R building at Henry Ford Hospital. This year's event will be held in person on May 6, 2022. All posters/presentations are from projects that are completed while authors are a trainee within Henry Ford Health, not prior to training. Research Categories are described below; click each section to view individual entries.

Research Categories

  • Basic Science Research – research done on a more molecular level “bench research”. May include tissue samples, lab animals, microscopic assays, bacterial cultures, or other similar projects.
  • Case Reports – a descriptive report of the presentation, workup, diagnosis, and/or management of an interesting or unusual case from Henry Ford Health.
  • Clinical Research – research on an important topic on our patients – can be prospective or retrospective.
  • Health Care Disparities – involves looking at health outcomes that may differ from one population of our patients to another. May include prospective or retrospective data, and may look at various groups.
  • High Value Care – for projects focusing on cost-conscious care, with an emphasis placed on measures which help to improve patient care while decreasing waste or unnecessary or testing/medications/visits or excessive costs.
  • Quality Improvement – involves looking at processes and systems of care, with an aim to improve the overall care of our patients.
  • Simulation in Healthcare – projects that seek to improve performance and reduce errors in patient care through the use of simulation-based training such as human patient simulators, virtual reality, standardized patients and task trainers.
  • Teaching and Education – descriptive reports of education related projects, education related research, innovative curricular reform, new teaching methods or tools (with outcomes).
  • Visual Art – includes illustration/drawing, photography, painting, sculpture or any form of art that can be expressed or captured for print display. An image of the art work will be submitted and displayed during the event.
  • Literature – includes poetry, drama, novel, short story.
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