Projects focusing on cost-conscious care.

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea Screening: An Overlooked Aspect of Routine Prenatal Care

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The Patient Blood Management Project as part of the Perioperative Surgical Home concept

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Virtual Post-Tonsillectomy Visits: A Model for Recovering Opportunity Costs in the Otolaryngology Clinic

The Echogenic Appearance of the Diabetic Deltoid Muscle on Shoulder Ultrasound: Is This Simply from Adipose Tissue Infiltration, Can This Appearance Predict Type 2 Diabetes and Be Used to Detect Pre-Diabetes?

Chronic pain: a disease of the brain

Does private vehicle transport in trauma really save you time and money?

Inpatient morbidity and cost of cytoreductive radical prostatectomy in the United States

Defining a “High Volume” Radical Cystectomy Hospital: Where Do We Draw the Line?