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Pigment Cell Melanoma Res


Lerapolturev (lera, formerly PVSRIPO) is a novel poliovirus based intratumoral immunotherapy that infects both cancer cells and antigen-presenting cells (APCs) via CD155, the poliovirus receptor. Lera has direct anticancer effects while also generating type I/III interferon-dominated inflammation and anti-tumor T-cell priming and activation via infection of local APCs. LUMINOS-102 (NCT04577807) is a multi-center, open-label, two-arm randomized Phase 2 study investigating the efficacy and safety of lera ± α-PD- 1 in patients with unresectable melanoma who failed prior α-PD- 1 therapy. Cross-over to the α-PD- 1 arm is permitted after progression, PR for ≥6 mo or 6 mo on treatment with SD. The maximum initial lera dose was 6x108 TCID50 /visit every 3 or 4 weeks (Q3/4 W). As of March 2022, the maximum lera dose was increased to 1.6 x 109 TCID50/visit, every week (QW) for 7 weeks (induction), followed by Q3/4 W dosing (maintenance). As of 20-Jun- 2022, 21 participants (10 male, 11 female, median 64 yrs) received lera (n = 14 at initial dose, Q3/4 W; n = 4 at increased dose, Q3/4 W; n = 3 at increased dose, QW) ± αPD-1. Five patients are currently on treatment. With the initial regimen, no objective responses and a CBR of 7% were observed. However, with the higher dose regimen, 1 complete response and a CBR of 71% (5/7) has been observed. Two of 4 participants with stable disease have evidence of response (1 with resolution of uninjected lung metastasis, 1 with decreased PET signal in injected and uninjected lesions receiving combination therapy). The only treatment related AE in >1 pt was fatigue (19%, all grade 1 or 2). No dose-limiting toxicities or treatment-related SAEs were reported. Multiplex-IF analysis of on-treatment tumor biopsies will be presented. Lera ± αPD-1 is well tolerated, with early signs of efficacy at the higher dose level. Enrollment and randomization are ongoing.





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