Submissions from 2019

Decline in Periprocedural Anticoagulant Use in Warfarin-Treated VTE Patients Following the Bridge Trial Publication, G Barnes, Y Li, X Gu, B Haymart, E Kline-Rogers, M Ali, J Kozlowski, Gregory D. Krol, J Froehlich, and Scott Kaatz

Interruption of warfarin for low-risk procedures, A Foote, B Haymart, X Kong, M Ali, Scott Kaatz, E Kline-Rogers, J Kozlowski, T Alexandris-Souphis, J B. Froehlich, and Geoffrey D. Barnes

Cost Savings Associated with Extended INR Testing Intervals, Scott Kaatz, B Haymart, X Kong, E Kline-Rogers, M Ali, J Froehlich, and G Barnes

Venous Thromboembolism in Hospitalized Medical Cancer Patients with and Without Chemotherapy Infusion Through Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters, Scott Kaatz, D Ratz, S Flandars, E McLaughlin, T Czilok, and V Chopra

Risk of Venous Thromboembolism in Hospitalized Medical Cancer Patients with Midline and Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters, Scott Kaatz, D Ratz, E McLaughlin, S Flandars, T Czilok, and V Chopra

Comparison of Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Periprocedural Interruption of Warfarin or Direct Oral Anticoagulants, J Lee, B Haymart, X Kong, Scott Kaatz, Vinay Shah, J Kozlowski, M Ali, E Kline-Rogers, J B. Froehlich, and Geoffrey D. Barnes

Submissions from 2018

Utilization of the three Magee equations to select patients for genomic testing, Haythem Ali, Z Abdel-Rahman, Laura Favazza, and Dhananjay A. Chitale

Outcomes in non-valvular atrial fibrillation patients with good and poor INR control after switching to direct oral anticoagulants, Brian Haymart, X Kong, Eva Kline-Rogers, S Almany, J Kozlowski, Gregory D. Krol, M Dahu, James B. Froehlich, Geoffrey D. Barnes, and Scott Kaatz

Comparing the proportions of patients that meet criteria for extended prophylaxis with betrixaban based on APEX Trial and FDA Indication, Scott Kaatz, Anna Conlon, E McLaughlin, S Flanders, Vineet Chopra, and D Paje

Excess antibiotic duration in patients hospitalized with pneumonia: Amulti-hospital cohort study, Valerie M. Vaughn, Scott A. Flanders, Vineet Chopra, Anna Conlon, Anurag N. Malani, Arjun Srinivasan, Jerod Nagel, Scott Kaatz, Danielle Osterholzer, Rama Thyagarajan, Lama Hsaiky, and Tejal Gandhi

Submissions from 2017

Tether-induced tenosynovitis: The importance of an intact skin barrier, S Agrawal and P Watson

More holes than swiss cheese: Myxedema coma in a patient with iatrogenic hypothyroidism, Saba Z. Assar, Asaad Nakhle, A Saeed, and Danielle Heidemann

Pathway for early sepsis identification and treatment in the skilled nursing facility, Robert Behrendt, Matthew Cerasale, Susan Craft, and Mirza Beg

Missed and refused chemoprophylaxis: What is the impact on VTE?, Matthew Cerasale, Seyed M. Marashi, B Coniglio, A Entz, Peter Watson, Scott Kaatz, and Jack Jordan

Padua to improve: Matching VTE risk stratificaiton tool to the ehr, Matthew Cerasale, Seyed M. Marashi, H Faraone, Scott Kaatz, Jennifer Ritz, Peter Watson, and Jack Jordan

Code blue outcomes: Relation to the modified early warning score, Matthew Cerasale, Piotr Starakiewicz, Malav Parikh, Sara Stanley, and Omar Mohtadi

Michigan risk score to predict picc-related venous thromboembolism, Vineet Chopra, David Paje, Anna Conlon, Paul J. Grant, Scott Kaatz, Steven J. Bernstein, and Scott A. Flanders

Rhabdomyolysis and pancytopenia secondary to an unexpected interaction between ledipasvir/sofosbuvir, atorvastatin and colchicine, Edward Gildeh and Matthew Cerasale

Putting the shm key principles into practice: Direct objective clinical evaluation of new-hire hospitalists to improve physician communication and engagement while fulfilling fppe, Heidi Gunderson, Matthew Cerasale, James J. Jeffries, Eyad Akhras, Kaled Bazzi, Chaitanya Lingam, Peter Watson, and Peter Luyeho

Death by kayexalate: Intestinal necrosis in the treatment of hyperkalemia, Michael F. Harrison, Sabaahra Assar, Ali Saeed, and Jian Li

Is the new orleans criteria for head ct useful for inpatient falls?, Sonia Joshi, Matthew Cerasale, Danielle L. Heidemann, J Yarlagadda, Satyesh Rana, and James Jeffries

Cardiac involvement in hypereosinophilic syndrome, Asaad Nakhle, Youssef Nasr, A Laktineh, and Sachin Parikh

Bilateral pneumothorax due to unexpected cause, Asaad Nakhle, Rimma Polevoy, M Ali, Saba Z. Assar, and Ghada Mesleh

Acute coronary syndrome in a hemophilia patient: A clinical challenge, Asaad Nakhle and John Schairer

Its not always dementia: A rare case of vzv encephalitis, Ali Saeed, Saba Z. Assar, Haydar Ali, and Danielle Heidemann

The impact of adding aspirin to warfarin without an apparent indication: An exploration of patients anticoagulated for atrial fibrillation or venous thromboembolic disease., Jordan K. Schaefer, Nicole M. Souphis, Suman L. Sood, Brian Haymart, X Gu, Eva Kline-Rogers, Steven L. Almany, Jay H. Kozlowski, Gregory D. Krol, Scott Kaatz, James B. Froehlich, and Geoffrey D. Barnes

A case of allopurinol-induced dress syndrome, Ranya Selim, Elsheikh Abdelrahim, and Zarina Alam

Bacteremia: A noble source, Z Singh and Heidi Gunderson