Blood Pressure Screening Campaign in Jamaica: May Measurement Month 2017

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American journal of hypertension


BACKGROUND: Hypertension is responsible for a significant disease burden in Jamaica. We are reporting the results of the 2017 blood pressure (BP) screening campaign May Measurement Month in Jamaica that aimed to increase the awareness of hypertension.

METHODS: Adults, 18 years old and older, from different parishes of Jamaica were invited to participate during May-June 2017. Demographic data were collected. BP, weight and height were measured and recorded.

RESULTS: Five hundred and sixty six participants (n=566) were enrolled, 91.6% (519) from urban areas, and 72.6% (410) were females. The average age was 53.7 (18-95) years old and body mass index (BMI) was 28.2±6.6 Kg/m2. The prevalence of hypertension was 47.3% (267/566), without gender or living areas differences (both p>0.1) Prevalence of hypertension was lower in those who self-identified as inter-racial ethnicity, in comparison with Afro-Caribbean (33% vs. 48.3%; p=0.04). About third of the hypertensive patients were not aware of the high BP (89/267; 35.6%). Between hypertensive patients, 64.4% (172/267) were receiving antihypertensive drugs. The rate of BP control was 32% of the hypertensive patients and 50% of those receiving anti-hypertensive medication. Significant lower BP control was observed between diabetic vs. non-diabetic patients (34.3% vs. 60%; p<0.001).

CONCLUSION: We found a high prevalence of HTN in this population, especially in patients with diabetes or previous cardiovascular diseases. We report an increase in hypertension awareness in Jamaica but more advances need to be performed to increase hypertension treatment and control.

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