Distribution and Short-term Prognostic Value of the 21-gene recurrence score in African American compared to White American breast cancer patients

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The breast journal


We evaluated 328 patients (34.8% African American [AA]; 65.2% White American [WA]) with hormone receptor-positive, HER2/neu-negative breast cancer. Mean age (60 years); mean tumor size (1.6 and 1.7 cm for AA and WA, respectively) were similar, and mean BMI was higher for AA (33 vs 29.8; P = 0.001). Recurrence score (RS) distribution was similar- 8.3% AA and 5.9% WA with high RS (≥31). No significant differences were observed in delivery of chemotherapy stratified by score. With median follow-up 27.2 months for AA and 33.4 months for WA, distant recurrence occurred in 1.0% and 1.6%, respectively (P = 1). Our results suggest comparable RS utility in AA and WA patients.

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