Submissions from 2019

Bacterial colonization of drinking water: Implications for an aging U.S. water infrastructure, Gina Maki, S McElmurry, P Kilgore, N Love, Helina Misikir, Mary Perri, and Marcus J. Zervos

Submissions from 2018

A case report of cruise-related leptospirosis, requiring a high level of suspicion for diagnosis, J Dueweke, Gina Maki, Amit Vahia, and Indira Brar

HIV co-infection is associated with increased liver complications and reduced mental health among patients with chronic hepatitis B, Mei Lu, Norman P. Markowitz, Yueren Zhou, Kuan-Han Hank Wu, Loralee B. Rupp, Sheri Trudeau, Jia Li, J A. Boscarino, M A. Schmidt, Y G. Daida, and Stuart C. Gordon

Hepatitis C patients with HIV co-infection demonstrate unique liver-related complications and health behaviors compared to HCV mono-infected patients, Mei Lu, Norman Markowitz, Yueren Zhou, Kuan-Han Hank Wu, Loralee B. Rupp, Sheri Trudeau, J A. Boscarino, M A. Schmidt, Y G. Daida, and Stuart C. Gordon

Switch to bictegravir/F/TAF from DTG and ABC/3TC, J M. Molina, D Ward, Indira Brar, A Mills, H J. Stellbrink, L López-Cortés, P Ruane, D Podzamczer, C Brinson, J M. Custodio, H Liu, K Andreatta, H Martin, A Cheng, and E Quirk

Pott's disease-A case in recognizing and treating extrapulmonary tuberculosis, Malav Parikh, Stephanie Bennett, Jonathan Williams, William Keimig, Anne Chen, and Indira Brar

Submissions from 2017

A phase 3 randomized controlled clinical trial of bictegravir in a fixed dose combination, B/F/TAF, vs ABC/DTG/3TC in treatment-naive adults at Week 48, J Gallant, A Lazzarin, A Mills, C Orkin, D Podzamczer, P Tebas, P M. Girard, Indira Brar, E Daar, D Wohl, J Rockstroh, X Wei, K White, H Martin, E Quirk, and A Cheng

Utilization of interferon gamma release assays (IGRAs) for the detection of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) at a tertiary care hospital, G M. Molina-Pallete, J Kansagra, and Indira Brar

Submissions from 2016

Risk factors for single and recurrent symptomatic urinary tract infections within the first year after kidney transplantation, K Bourgi, W Choi, A Nakhle, Z Abdel-Rahman, Odaliz Abreu-Lanfranco, Mayur Ramesh, A Patel, Ramon Del Busto, and George Alangaden

Chronic necrotizing aspergillosis, Jeremy Gentile and Anne Chen

Emotional motivators: Using visual triggers as an infection control intervention to increase hand hygiene compliance throughout the hospital, Ashley Gregory, Eman Chami, and Jennifer J Pietsch

Successful outcomes of fecal microbiota transplantation in patients with chronic liver disease, Alireza Meighani, Mayur Ramesh, and Reena Salgia

Submissions from 2015

Infection in the “fifth valve” of the heart, Suraj Raheja and Marcus Zervos