Multicenter Evaluation of Current Knowledge of Intestinal Transplantation and Rehabilitation Among Trainee Physicians

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Transplantation proceedings


BACKGROUND: The management of intestinal failure has evolved dramatically over the last 2 decades. In addition, improved management of patients requiring parenteral nutrition-associated liver disease is creating a paradigm shift in both intestinal failure management and in the evolving indications for intestinal transplantation.

OBJECTIVES: We conducted an evaluation measuring current awareness among house officers (HO) regarding nutritional and transplant principles in the management of intestinal disease. Our goal was to use board-style questions with a single correct response to measure current knowledge level between HO.

METHODS: A survey was distributed to HO via email to measure knowledge regarding 3 areas: principles of intestinal failure (PI), medical management of intestinal disease (MI), and transplantation for intestinal disease (TI). This was evaluated at 3 busy nontransplant centers (NTC) and a tertiary care intestine transplant center (TC). Statistical analysis was conducted using the independent samples t test and multiple linear regression analysis.

RESULTS: Surveys were distributed to a total of 1068 HO; 208 (19.47%) responded. We received 139 responses (67%) from NTC and 69 (33%) from TC. 82% were postgraduate year (PGY) 1-3 and 18% were PGY 4-7. Of the respondents, 27% correctly answered questions regarding PI, 40% about MI, and 21% on TI. HO in NTC demonstrated more knowledge regarding PI than those in TC (P = .000). There was, otherwise, no difference between PGY 1-3 and PGY 4-7 (P > .05).

CONCLUSIONS: This evaluation demonstrates potential deficiencies in the basic understanding of issues surrounding intestinal disease that can be used for implementation of an educational program regarding intestinal disease and transplantation.

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Education, Medical, Continuing; Female; Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice; Humans; Intestinal Diseases; Intestines; Male; Organ Transplantation; Parenteral Nutrition, Total; Physicians

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