Primary Care Providers' Attitudes, Practices, and Knowledge in Treating LGBTQ Communities

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Journal of homosexuality


Cultural competency in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) health care has been found to be lacking within various medical specialties, but no studies have compared competency among primary care providers. The authors compared 127 primary care providers' cultural competency regarding LGBTQ health using a survey that assessed providers' attitudes, practices, and knowledge. Overall, 78.0% of respondents agreed that they were comfortable treating LGBTQ patients. Yet many providers did not feel well informed on specific LGBTQ health needs (70.1%), on clinical management of LGBTQ care (74.8%), nor on referring patients with LGBTQ issues (78.7%). Overall accuracy on LGBTQ knowledge questions was 51.0%. This study revealed a lack of cultural competency and much need for improvement as primary care providers endorsed negative attitudes, biases, inconsistencies in clinical practice, and deficiencies in medical knowledge in specialty-specific ways. There is a need for greater LGBTQ-specific education to increase providers' comfortability and competency in the needs, management, and referrals within LGBTQ health care.

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Sep 28

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