Outcomes of non-ischemic patients in cardiogenic shock

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ASAIO Journal


Study: Cardiogenic shock (CS) is a life-threatening condition that requires temporary mechanical circulatory support (MCS). Data demonstrating improved outcomes with temporary MCS is lacking. We sought to identify clinical characteristics associated with poor outcomes amongst non-ischemic (NI) patients presenting in CS requiring temporary MCS. Methods: A retrospective chart review of NI patients presenting in CS from June 2013 to July 2018 was conducted at a tertiary referral center. Student's t-test for continuous and chi-square tests for categorical data were used. Univariate analysis was included in the multivariate regression models to analyze outcomes. Results: 71.4% male, mean age of 57 ± 15, 47.9% Caucasians, 43.2% African Americans. 55.2% hypertension (HTN), 16.7% prior dialysis. 8.9% IABP, 12.5% Impella, 4.2% ECMO. 24.5% length of stay (LOS) (≥ 20 days), 18.2% expired in hospital, 72.9% renal failure. Temporary MCS patients had higher risk of prolonged LOS (≥ 20 days). Age and IABP use were associated with death during hospitalization. Age, HTN and dialysis required during hospitalization were associated with renal failure.




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