The Conrad R. Lam Archives is the official archival repository of the Henry Ford Hospital and Henry Ford Health. Archival videos are displayed on Scholarly Commons. For all other archival materials, visit online or in person. Search the collection here.

The primary purposes of the Archives are to:

  • Collect and preserve records, photographs, and artifacts that document the legacy and growth of Henry Ford Health.
  • Provide Henry Ford Health staff, employees, and outside researchers access to the archival collections for research and educational purposes.

Lam Archives Collections

Located in the Henry Ford Health's One Ford Place building, the collections of the Archives include manuscripts, files, books, institutional newsletters and publications, photographs, and audiovisual materials that document health care, medical and surgical practice, nursing service, medical and nursing education, research, employee and community relations, institutional growth, and the history of our buildings.

Conrad R. Lam Archives
A Division of the Sladen Libraries of Henry Ford Health
One Ford Place, 5H
Detroit, Michigan 48202
(313) 874-6948 Phone
(313) 874-5442 Fax

Julia Pope - Senior Archivist,


Submissions from 1976

The Emergency Room... A Need For Change..., Joseph Madej Jr.

Prevention of Rh Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn, Richard L. Yarmy

Submissions from 1951

Henry Ford Hospital Clinic Tower Construction, Henry Ford Hospital

Submissions from 1935

Essential Activities of the Hospital Organization Behind the Medical Work, Henry Ford Hospital

Method of Selection of Students to the School of Nursing, Henry Ford Hospital

New Patient Division: Following a Prospective Patient Through the Admission Period, Henry Ford Hospital

Submissions from 1918

Goitre Operation, Roy D. McClure