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Resident PGY 2


Henry Ford Hospital


Cellular dermatofibromas (CDF) are an uncommon variant of benign fibrous histiocytomas with propensity to recur and rarely metastasize as well as demonstrating histologic similarities to more dangerous lesions. The aim of this present study was to further describe the presentation and outcome of the cellular variant of benign fibrous histiocytomas so that it can be diagnosed and treated appropriately. A retrospective chart review was performed on all patients seen in at Henry Ford Health System from 2007 to 2017. CDF was confirmed by pathology. Baseline demographics, specialty service of diagnosis and treatment, treatment modality, and outcome were collected. Of the 93 qualifying patients, the average age at diagnosis was 42.65 years. The most common specialty service that diagnosed and treated patients was dermatology (38.71%). 95.0% of CDF stained positive for Factor 13A (19/20) and 90.48% were CD34 negative (19/21). 33.33% of patients had recurrences of their CDF (9/27). Two patients had 3 or more recurrences. One patient’s death was attributed to the CDF. CDF have a high local recurrence rate and similarities to more dangerous and malignant lesions. Patients with cellular dermatofibromas present to many sub-specialty services for diagnosis and should be treated aggressively.

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A Retrospective Review of 93 Cases of Cellular Dermatofibromas