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INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES: Clinical trials are currently examining the role of local therapy in metastatic prostate cancer (mPCa). While the safety of RP in localized disease is proven, few studies have looked at perioperative complications and cost of cytoreductive RP (cRP). We used the National Inpatient Sample (NIS) to study the inpatient morbidity, and cost of cRP in the United States (US). METHODS: Analyzing the NIS dataset from 2008-2014, we identified 90,662 patients (weighted estimate 449,025 in the US) who underwent RP for non-metastatic disease, and 1,173 patients (weighted estimate 5,835) who underwent cRP for mPCa (see Fig. 1). Outcomes of interest were inpatient complications, individual complications, hospital stay, and total cost. Covariates included age, race, Charlson Comorbidity score, insurance status, rural/semi-urban/urban location, income, hospital location (rural/urban), teaching status, geographical location of hospital, and hospital volume. Multivariable logistic regression was used to evaluate the effect of metastatic disease on morbidity after adjusting for covariates. RESULTS: Inpatient complication rates were 14.9% (13,688/91,835) overall, 14.9% (13,464/90,662) in the non-metastatic group, and 19.1% (224/1,173) in the cRP group (p = 0.01). On multivariable analysis, metastasis was an independent predictor of inpatient complications (OR 1.329; 95% CI: 1.077-1.640; p = 0.01). The cRP group also had higher rates of blood transfusion (6.9% [82/1,173] vs 4.3% [3,869/90,662]; p < 0.001), longer hospital stay (median 1.25 vs 0.97 days; p < 0.001), and higher cost (median $14,123 vs $11,591; p < 0.001) compared to the non-metastatic group (see table 1). Majority of cRP was performed in urban teaching hospitals. CONCLUSIONS: cRP is associated with higher inpatient morbidity, longer hospital stay, and higher cost compared to RP for non-metastatic disease. This information may be valuable for informed decision-making in practice and before recruiting patients in clinical trials on this subject. Source of Funding: None

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Inpatient morbidity and cost of cytoreductive radical prostatectomy in the United States