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Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports


Inherited muscle disorders are caused by pathogenic changes in numerous genes. Herein, we aimed to investigate the etiology of muscle disease in 24 consecutive Greek patients with myopathy suspected to be genetic in origin, based on clinical presentation and laboratory and electrophysiological findings and absence of known acquired causes of myopathy. Of these, 16 patients (8 females, median 24 years-old, range 7 to 67 years-old) were diagnosed by Whole Exome Sequencing as suffering from a specific type of inherited muscle disorder. Specifically, we have identified causative variants in 6 limb-girdle muscular dystrophy genes (6 patients; ANO5, CAPN3, DYSF, ISPD, LAMA2, SGCA), 3 metabolic myopathy genes (4 patients; CPT2, ETFDH, GAA), 1 congenital myotonia gene (1 patient; CLCN1), 1 mitochondrial myopathy gene (1 patient; MT-TE) and 3 other myopathy-associated genes (4 patients; CAV3, LMNA, MYOT). In 6 additional family members affected by myopathy, we reached genetic diagnosis following identification of a causative variant in an index patient. In our patients, genetic diagnosis ended a lengthy diagnostic process and, in the case of Multiple acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency and Pompe's disease, it enabled specific treatment to be initiated. These results further expand the genotypic and phenotypic spectrum of inherited myopathies.

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