Pesticides and tremor: An overview of association, mechanisms and confounders

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Environmental research


Pesticides are a heterogeneous class of chemicals mainly used for the protection of crops from pests. Because of their very widespread use, acute or/and chronic exposure to these chemicals can lead to a plethora of sequelae inflicting diseases, many of which involve the nervous system. Tremor has been associated with pesticide exposure in human and animal studies. This review is aimed at assessing the studies currently available on the association between the various types of pesticides/insecticides and tremor, while also accounting for potential confounding factors. To our knowledge, this is the first coherent review on the subject. After appraising the available evidence, we call for more intensive research on this topic, as well as intonate the need of implementing future preventive measures to protect the exposed populations and to reduce potential disabilities and social drawbacks.

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