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Int J Photoenerg


Because of increased electricity consumption and the inherent limitations of fossil fuel ability to replenish themselves in the future, a shift to renewable energy sources is unavoidable. Although renewable energy sources are afflicted by intermittency, this problem can be alleviated by combining them with other sources of electricity. As a result of the above situation, the secondary source will take over if the primary source is unable to match the load demand. In this paper, we develop a hybrid renewable source that is connected with grids in an optimal way for the prediction of energy using an energy management system (EMS). The study is aimed at optimal handling of energy production, grid interaction, and the storage system, all of which must be accomplished simultaneously. The current state information from the battery, as well as control objectives, is used in this study to design control actions that maximise the amount of electricity injected into the grid. During the prediction window, it is assumed that the control inputs received at the start of the window will remain consistent throughout the duration of the window. The results of RMSE show errors lesser than 0.3% that shows improved rate of accuracy using EMS.


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