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Int J Mol Sci


Meningiomas represent a phenotypically and genetically diverse group of tumors which often behave in ways that are not simply explained by their pathologic grade. The genetic landscape of meningiomas has become a target of investigation as tumor genomics have been found to impact tumor location, recurrence risk, and malignant potential. Additionally, targeted therapies are being developed that in the future may provide patients with personalized chemotherapy based on the genetic aberrations within their tumor. This review focuses on the most common genetic mutations found in meningiomas of all grades, with an emphasis on the impact on tumor location and clinically relevant tumor characteristics. NF-2 and the non-NF-2 family of genetic mutations are summarized in the context of low-grade and high-grade tumors, followed by a comprehensive discussion regarding the genetic and embryologic basis for meningioma location and phenotypic heterogeneity. Finally, targeted therapies based on tumor genomics currently in use and under investigation are reviewed and future avenues for research are suggested. The field of meningioma genomics has broad implications on the way meningiomas will be treated in the future, and is gradually shifting the way clinicians approach this diverse group of tumors.

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Animals; Biomarkers, Tumor; Genetic Heterogeneity; Genomics; Humans; Meningeal Neoplasms; Meningioma; Molecular Targeted Therapy

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