Updated phase I trial of anti-LAG-3 or anti-CD137 alone and in combination with anti-PD-1 in patients with recurrent GBM

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J Clin Oncol


Background: Preclinical GBM data targeting the checkpoint molecules Lag-3 and CD137 have shown promising anti-tumor immune response with resultant improved survival when combined with anti-PD-1. Here we report our experience from a multi-arm safety study in patients with recurrent GBM treated with anti-Lag-3 and anti-CDI 37. Methods: The Adult Brain Tumor Consortium (ABTC) 1501 trial is a phase I, open label, multicenter, multi-arm dose-finding/safety study of anti-LAG-3 (BMS-986016) or anti-CD137 (BMS-663513) alone and in combination with anti-PD-1 in patients at first recurrence of GBM. The primary objective is to define MTD for the mono and combinational treatment. The major secondary objective is to explore for a signal in efficacy. The key inclusion criteria are adults, first recurrence of GBM following RT+TMZ, TLC≥1000/ul, KPS≥ 60%, stable corticosteroid regimen, measurable disease, and written informed consent. Sequential allocation was used for the treatment assignment at starting dose of 80mg for anti-LAG-3 and 8mg for anti-CD137. Anti-PD-1was given at a flat dose of 240 mg in the combination treatment arms. The 3+3 design is used for the dose finding with a target DLT rate < 33%. Results:to date 44 patients were enrolled into the trial with median age at 57, median KPS at 90. Median treatment cycle was 3 and 39% tumors were MGMT methylated. The highest safe dose for Anti-LAG-3 alone is 800 mg without a DLT The safe dose for anti-CD137 alone arm is 8mg with 1 DLT, and 2 grade 3 elevated serum ALT at end of cycle 2. Combination arms of Anti-LAG-3 +anti-PD-1 (160 mg/240mg as the highest dose combination) had one DLT (hypertension) and no toxicities were seen in the combination arm of Anti-CD137+Anti-PD-1 (3 mg/240 mg). mOS was 14 months for anti-CD137 alone, 8 months for Anti-Lag-3, and 7 months for Anti-Lag-3 + Anti-PD-1. Correlative data will be discussed. Conclusions: The trial is ongoing. The RP2D is 800mg for anti-LAG-3 as a monotherapy and 8mg for anti-CD137. For the combination arms, 160 mg of Anti-LAG-3 and 240 mg of anti-PD-1 and 3 mg of anti-CD137 and 240 mg antiPD-1 were the RP2D.



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