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Magnet Journey; Nursing Administration

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Director of Nursing Excellence; Chief Nursing Officer


Introduction: Henry Ford Hospital partnered with Studio Elsewhere, a minority and women-owned design and technology studio from New York, that uses evidence-based and data-driven practices in developing virtual and physical interventions to promote brain health. These spaces, known as Recharge Rooms, are developed based on the theory that natural environments support health and resilience by reducing stress and anxiety and provide for better overall mental health. As a result, these immersive spaces are intentionally created to support healing. Each experience which includes visual and auditory sensory stimulation lasts 10-15 minutes.

Methodology: Recharge Rooms create an immersive experience for participants. This experience, facilitated by digital technology, attempts to imitate a physical world through a simulated world. This results in the perception of being surrounded by and being part of an alternative environment. Participants can select from 10 different scenes. Each scene offers the participant specific benefits (e.g., calming, energy, mood elevation). The interactive tech platform uses voice control for scene selection. Corresponding lighting changes, sounds and music are automatically synced with each experience.

Conclusions: The Recharge Room is an oasis for the senses, allowing for reflection away from the work environment. High stress levels can affect a nurse’s health and well-being, impede critical thinking and affect patient outcomes. The impact of immersive, restorative biophilic spaces such as Recharge Rooms allow nurses to counter the acute nature of stress and anxiety leading to improved mental health and overall well-being. Based upon outcome data, every specialty area could benefit from utilizing the Recharge Room experience.

Limitations and Future Research: Showed only immediate stress reduction and improved positive mood; unable to assess long-term effects. Small sample size when compared to the number of those who have engaged in a recharge experience. Future studies on long-term effects of use related to burnout, resilience, sick calls, employee turnover.

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Recharge Rooms: An Innovative Concept to Support Staff Well-Being