Artificial Intelligence in Facial Plastic Surgery: A Review of Current Applications, Future Applications, and Ethical Considerations

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Facial plastic surgery


From virtual chat assistants to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI) is often heralded as the technology that has and will continue to transform this generation. Among widely adopted applications in other industries, its potential use in medicine is being increasingly explored, where the vast amounts of data present in electronic health records and need for continuous improvements in patient care and workflow efficiency present many opportunities for AI implementation. Indeed, AI has already demonstrated capabilities for assisting in tasks such as documentation, image classification, and surgical outcome prediction. More specifically, this technology can be harnessed in facial plastic surgery, where the unique characteristics of the field lends itself well to specific applications. AI is not without its limitations, however, and the further adoption of AI in medicine and facial plastic surgery must necessarily be accompanied by discussion on the ethical implications and proper usage of AI in healthcare. In this article, we review current and potential uses of AI in facial plastic surgery, as well as its ethical ramifications.

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