Performance of the Reveal Rapid Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing System on Gram-Negative Blood Cultures at a Large Urban Hospital

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Journal of clinical microbiology


Timely and effective antibiotic treatment is vital for sepsis, with increasing incidence of antimicrobial-resistant bacteremia driving interest in rapid phenotypic susceptibility testing. To enable the widespread adoption needed to make an impact, antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) systems need to be accurate, enable rapid intervention, have a broad antimicrobial menu and be easy to use and affordable. We evaluated the Specific Reveal (Specific Diagnostics, San Jose, CA) rapid AST system on positive blood cultures with Gram-negative organisms in a relatively resistant population in a large urban hospital to assess its potential for routine clinical use. One hundred four randomly selected positive blood cultures (Virtuo; bioMérieux) were Gram stained, diluted 1:1,000 in Pluronic water, inoculated into 96-well antibiotic plates, sealed with the Reveal sensor panel, and placed in the Reveal instrument for incubation and reading. The MIC and susceptible/intermediate/resistant category was determined and compared to results from Vitek 2 (bioMérieux) for the 17 antimicrobials available and to Sensititre (Thermo Fisher) for 24 antimicrobials. Performance was also assessed with contrived blood cultures with 33 highly resistant strains. Reveal was in 98.0% essential agreement (EA) and 96.3% categorical agreement (CA) with Sensititre, with just 1.3% very major error (VME) and 97.0%/96.2%/1.3% EA/CA/VME versus Vitek 2. Reveal results for contrived highly resistant strains were equivalent, with EA/CA/VME of 97.7%/95.2%/1.0% with CDC/FDA Antibiotic Resistance Isolate Bank references. Average time to result (TTR) for Reveal was 4.6 h. Sample preparation was relatively low skill and averaged 3 min. We conclude that the Reveal system enables accurate and rapid susceptibility testing of Gram-negative blood cultures.

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Anti-Bacterial Agents; Bacteremia; Blood Culture; Gram-Negative Bacteria; Hospitals, Urban; Humans; Microbial Sensitivity Tests

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