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J Pharm Pract


BACKGROUND: Case reports and pharmacokinetic data suggest off-label echinocandin dosing may be needed to reach adequate serum concentrations in obese patients. Few outcome studies exist evaluating this population.

OBJECTIVES: Of this study were to (1) determine the association of body mass index (BMI) with clinical outcomes of candidemia patients on standard doses of anidulafungin and (2) characterize fungal infections by body weight.

METHODS: A retrospective cohort was conducted to evaluate hospitalized patients treated for candidemia with anidulafungin at Food and Drug Administration-labeled dosing for at least 72 hours from January 1, 2014, through January 31, 2018. Candidemia was diagnosed by blood culture or T2 magnetic resonance (T2MR). Patients were compared according to BMI category.

RESULTS: One hundred seventy-three patients were included.

CONCLUSION: There was no difference detected in mortality among patients with candidemia across BMI category. Larger studies are needed to confirm whether standard doses of anidulafungin are sufficient for candidemia in obese patients.

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