Scoring big: Aligning inpatient clinical pharmacy services through implementation of an electronic scoring system

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American journal of health-system pharmacy


PURPOSE: Data are limited on utilizing a comprehensive scoring system in the electronic health record to help prioritize, align, and standardize clinical pharmacy services across multiple hospitals and practice models within a health system. The purpose of this article is to describe the development and implementation of an electronic scoring system to help inpatient pharmacists prioritize patient care activities and standardize clinical services across a diverse health system.

SUMMARY: Inpatient pharmacists from all specialty areas across the health system partnered with health information technology pharmacists to develop a scoring system directly integrated into the electronic health record that would help triage patient care, identify opportunities for pharmacist intervention, and prioritize clinical pharmacy services. Individual variables were built based on documented patient parameters such as use of high-risk medications, pharmacy consults, laboratory values, disease states, and patient acuity. Total overall scores were assigned to patients based on the sum of the scores for the individual variables, which update automatically in real time. The total scores were designed to help inpatient pharmacists prioritize patients with higher scores, thus reducing the need for manual chart review to identify high-risk patients.

CONCLUSION: An electronic scoring system with a tiered point system developed for inpatient pharmacists creates a method to prioritize and align clinical pharmacy services across a health system with diverse pharmacy practice models.

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Humans; Pharmacy Service, Hospital; Inpatients; Pharmacy; Delivery of Health Care; Electronics

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