Submissions from 2020

The Effect of Oncoplastic Reduction on The Incidence of Post-Operative Lymphedema in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Lumpectomy, Sanjay Rama, Dunya M. Atisha, M Evangelista, Cara E. Cannella, Renee Barry, S Ghosh, Jenna Luker, Yalei Chen, S Zhu, Jessica Bensenhaver, Kenneth Levin, and Eleanor Walker

Factors Associated with Chronic Breast Lymphedema After Adjuvant Radiation in Women Undergoing Breast Conservation Therapy, Simeng Zhu, Dunya M. Atisha, Maristella S. Evangelista, Renee Barry, Sanjay Rama, S Ghosh, Cara E. Cannella, Yalei Chen, Jessica Bensenhaver, Kenneth J. Levin, and Eleanor M. Walker