Scholarly journal articles authored by members of Henry Ford Health on the topic of podiatry.


Submissions from 2023


Eccrine Poroma: A Case Report, Katherine R. Kloberdanz, Chris M. Olenech, and Husain A. Saleh

Submissions from 2021


Rare complication of four extremity compartment syndrome requiring fasciotomy from influenza A viral myositis, Arion Lochner, Robert Cesaro, and Eric Chen


Predictive Outcome Modeling of Preoperative Clinical Symptoms and Electrodiagnostic Data in Tarsal Tunnel Surgery, Geoffrey K. Seidel, Salma Al Jamal, Eric Weidert, Frederick Carington, Michael T. Andary, Scott R. Millis, and Brian G. Loder

Submissions from 2019


Posterior tibial nerve schwannoma in a multiple myeloma patient: A case report, Michael Daniel, David Waters, Chaoyang Chen, and Nicole Brouyette