Impact of a Blood Pressure Practice Initiative on Attitude, Practice Behavior, and Knowledge among Outpatient Rehabilitation Providers: An Observational Study

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Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal


Purpose:The purpose of this study is to describe the impact of a blood pressure (BP) educational initiative on the attitude, practice behaviors, and knowledge of outpatient (OP) physical therapists.

Methods:An observational pre-test and post-test study design was initiated using a sample of convenience at 12 OP rehabilitation clinics. A 4-phase protocol included (1) evaluation of BP equipment, (2) pre-test questionnaire, (3) attendance at a 1-hour lecture on BP practice recommendations, and (4) performing BP measures on patient evaluations for 1 week followed by the post-test questionnaire. Descriptive statistics reported demographics, whereas a paired t test compared means of the presurvey and postsurvey responses with statistical significance set at P <.05.

Results:Of the 55 therapists included, 70.9% were female and 29.1% male, whereas 41.8% and 58.2% reported having ≤15 and >15 years of experience, respectively. A significant improvement in BP attitudes (P =.02), practice behaviors (P =.001), and knowledge (P =.002) was identified.

Conclusions:An educational initiative that provided BP assessment tools, a 1-hour evidence-based BP lecture, a decision-making reference, and a directive to perform valid and reliable BP techniques and interventions resulted in positive changes to an OP therapists attitude, immediate practice behavior, and knowledge of BP.

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