Consensus core clinical data elements for meningiomas

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Neuro Oncol


BACKGROUND: With increasing molecular analyses of meningiomas, there is a need to harmonize language used to capture clinical data across centers to ensure that molecular alterations are appropriately linked to clinical variables of interest. Here the International Consortium on Meningiomas presents a set of core and supplemental meningioma-specific Common Data Elements (CDEs) to facilitate comparative and pooled analyses.

METHODS: The generation of CDEs followed the four-phase process similar to other National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) CDE projects: discovery, internal validation, external validation, and distribution.

RESULTS: The CDEs were organized into patient- and tumor-level modules. In total, 17 core CDEs (10 patient-level and 7-tumour-level) as well as 14 supplemental CDEs (7 patient-level and 7 tumour-level) were defined and described. These CDEs are now made publicly available for dissemination and adoption.

CONCLUSIONS: CDEs provide a framework for discussion in the neuro-oncology community that will facilitate data sharing for collaborative research projects and aid in developing a common language for comparative and pooled analyses. The meningioma-specific CDEs presented here are intended to be dynamic parameters that evolve with time and The Consortium welcomes international feedback for further refinement and implementation of these CDEs.

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