Global Learning for Health Equity: A Survey of Five Global Learning Sites in the United States

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Community Health Equity Res Policy


Global learning is the practice of adopting and adapting global ideas to local challenges. To advance the field of global learning, we performed a case study of five communities that had implemented global health models to advance health equity in a U.S. setting. Surveys were developed using a Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR) framework, and each site completed surveys to characterize their global learning experience with respect to community context, the learning and implementation process, implementation science considerations, and health equity. The immense diversity of sites and their experiences underscored the heterogenous nature of global learning. Nonetheless, all cases highlighted core themes of addressing social determinants of health through strong community engagement. Cross-sector participation and implementation science evaluation were strategies applied by many but not all sites. We advocate for continued global learning that advances health equity and fosters equitable partnerships with mutual benefits to origination and destination sites.

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