Suprascapular Neuropathy: A Review of 87 Cases

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Muscle & nerve


INTRODUCTION: Suprascapular neuropathy (SSN) is rare, with an estimated prevalence of 4.3% in patients with shoulder pain.

METHODS: This retrospective chart review included patients with SSN seen during a 16-year period. Demographics and clinical information were recorded. Descriptive statistics, including percentages, means, and standard deviations, were computed for the variables of interest for all patients.

RESULTS: Of 87 patients included in this study, trauma (n = 27) was the most common cause of SSN, followed by neuralgic amyotrophy (n = 21). Fifty-seven patients had isolated SSN. Others had SSN associated with axillary neuropathy (23 patients), brachial plexopathy (3 patients), and long thoracic, radial, or spinal accessory neuropathy (1 patient each).

DISCUSSION: SSN is commonly associated with axillary neuropathy. Trauma remains the most common cause of SSN. Electrodiagnostic findings aid in the initial diagnosis and may indicate the need for close clinical follow-up based on the severity of the axonal injury.

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