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Since the initial Michigan COVID-19 surge in early 2020, HAP has been collaborating with a variety of partners to educate members on COVID-19 while preparing for COVID mitigation efforts, including vaccination of our member population to improve the health of our membership. Starting in January 2021, HAP employed a variety of data-driven tactics focusing on a goal of 70% membership vaccine coverage (at least once vaccine administered) for the ages 16+ population by Oct. 1, 2021. This overall initial goal incrementally expanded as younger age groups became vaccine eligible and intensified with a special equity focus for Medicaid and Medicare/Medicaid duals member vaccination in underserved, socially vulnerable populations. As a result of these efforts, HAP reached the 70% vaccine coverage goal for the 16+ population as of early December 2021 and continues to focus vaccine efforts to increase vaccine coverage for subgroups of younger members, encourage booster dosing, and improve vaccination equity in high-risk groups. This initiative has focused on achieving high rates of vaccination coverage for HAP members to lessen the risk of hospitalizations, deaths, and post-covid complications related to the coronavirus pandemic in Michigan. Strategically, this initiative helped genuinely engage our health plan teams in the fight against COVID-19 and continues to amplify HAP’s overall corporate mission to transform HAP to improve the health of our neighbors.

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Project #52: Health Alliance Plan - COVID Vaccination Initiative



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