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Identifying barriers to accessing and affording discharge antimicrobials early in the hospitalization course in order to facilitate discharge, enhance compliance, and reduce unnecessary length of stay. In 6/2018, a pharmacist initiated “cost-inquiry” workflow was developed to capture such obstacles. The study evaluated the process and safety of the discharge antimicrobial cost inquiry (DACI) workflow as well as the challenges to accessing discharge antimicrobials. It also assessed the differences in outcomes in patients discharged with (DACI group) and without (standard of care, SOC, group) a cost inquiry. Early identification of barriers to accessing discharge antimicrobials allows clinicians to mitigate the challenges by either discussing with patients regarding affordability or designing an alternative and affordable therapeutic regimen. This novel process provides an enhanced safety-net to assure accessibility and adds to person-centered care by involving patients to confirm affordability.

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Project #17: Impact of Pharmacist Generated Discharge Antimicrobial Cost Inquiry on Access and Patient Outcome



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