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Introduction: Sugammadex is a widely adopted neuromuscular reversal agent (NMBA) for rocuronium and vecuronium-induced paralysis. There is mixed evidence regarding the impact of sugammadex on PACU length of stay and time from NMBA reversal to operating room exit. Concerns excess usage could lead to higher overall costs with negligible benefits led to an exploration of use at Henry Ford Health (HFH). HFH policy indicates neostigmine/glycopyrrolate is the cost-effective standard of care for NMB reversal which is preferred over sugammadex, except in defined situations. This medication use evaluation conducted within HFH hospitals aims to: Assess the use of sugammadex in accordance with published policy; Evaluate the cost implications of sugammadex utilization.

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Henry Ford Health


Detroit, Michigan


Quality Expo, posters, poster competition

Project #11: Clinical Evaluation and Cost Impact of Sugammadex Utilization at Henry Ford Health Hospitals



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