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Background: Research shows that routine preoperative testing in elective low risk surgeries: Costs the U.S. an estimated $85.2 million annually; May add to patient’s personal financial burden; Does not improve patient outcomes; Clinically insignificant results can lead to delays in needed care prolonging pain and suffering and additional decompensation.

Clinically insignificant testing can also lead to a cascade of additional unnecessary testing.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Unnecessary testing leads to increased cost and potential delays in care with no ROI (Return on Investment).

GOAL: Decrease unnecessary preoperative testing rates in patients undergoing any of 3 elective low risk surgeries (lap cholecystectomy, minor hernia repair, and breast lumpectomy) by 20% by the end of 2023.

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Henry Ford Health


Detroit, Michigan


Quality Expo, posters, poster competition

Project #39: Appropriate Preoperative Screening in Low-Risk Surgeries



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