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Oral oncology


OBJECTIVES: To explore the influence of treatment package time(TPT) in high-risk oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma(OCSCC) receiving adjuvant radiotherapy with concurrent chemotherapy(CRT).

MATERIALS AND METHODS: We queried our multi-institutional OCSCC collaborative database for cases diagnosed between 2005 and 2015 who underwent surgery followed by adjuvant CRT. All patients had high-risk features: extranodal extension(ENE) and/or positive surgical margin(PM). TPT was days between surgery to last radiotherapy fraction. Kaplan-Meier curves, log-rank p-values and multivariate analysis(MVA) were used to investigate the impact of TPT on overall(OS), disease-free(DFS), locoregional failure-free(LRFS) and distant metastases-free(DMFS) survival.

RESULTS: We identified 187 cases: median age 58 (range, 24-87 years), males 66%, and ever smokers 69%. ENE and PM were detected in 85% and 32%, and oral tongue and floor of the mouth constituted 49% and 18%, respectively. Median radiotherapy and cisplatin doses received were 66 Gy and 200 mg/m2. Overall, median TPT was 98 (range, 63-162 days). OS was worse for TPT > 90-days (n = 134) than TPT ≤ 90 (n = 53) at two-(65% vs. 71%) and five-years (45% vs. 62%); p = 0.05, with similar results for DFS. No influence on LRFS or DMFS was noted. More lymph nodes(LN) dissected(P = 0.039), T3-4 disease(P = 0.017), and unplanned reoperations(P = 0.037) occurred with TPT > 90-days. On MVA, TPT in 10-day increments was independently detrimental for OS (Hazard Ratio: 1.14; 95 %Confidence Interval [1-1.28]; P = 0.043), perineural invasion, age and positive LN (p < 0.05 for all).

CONCLUSION: In one of the largest multi-institutional cohorts, TPT > 90-days predicted worse OS for high-risk OCSCC receiving adjuvant CRT. All efforts are needed to optimize perioperative care and baseline conditions for favorable outcomes.

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