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The 2018 annual Research Funding Symposium, organized by the Work Group on Research Funding (WGRF) will include presentations in four areas, supporting successful pursuit of scientific grants relevant to the field of medical physics. 1. Funding opportunities at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in basic and clinical research in cancer imaging and image-guided interventions. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) definition of a “clinical trial” and new requirements for proposals with a “clinical trial required” designation will be presented. 2. Radiation Research Program activities a NCI-will describe RRP/NCI research resources and opportunities for medical physicists. 3. Strategizing for submission of original and revised grant proposals to the NIH-Submission of a research grant proposal to the NIH requires planning far in advance of the application receipt date and careful planning for preparation of various components required in a proposal, including budget, specific aims, and research strategy. 4. Grant management 101-will describe best practices for new investigators in management of an independent research (R01) grant. Learning Objectives 1. Learning about funding opportunities in cancer imaging and imageguided therapy, and new NIH/NCI requirements for proposals requiring a clinical trial. 2. Learning about the NCI Radiation Research Program activities and research opportunities for medical physicists. 3. Understanding better strategies for planning submission of NIH research proposals to increase chances of success. 4. Learning good practice tips and techniques for management of R01 type grants.





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