Establishing a Women in Radiology Group: A Toolkit From the American Association for Women in Radiology

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AJR. American journal of roentgenology


Despite increasing representation in medical schools and surgical specialties, recruitment of women into radiology has failed to exhibit commensurate growth. Furthermore, women in radiology are less likely to advance to leadership roles. A Women in Radiology (WIR) group provides a robust support system that has been shown to produce numerous benefits to the group's individual participants as well as the group's institution or practice. These benefits include development of mentorship relationships, guidance of career trajectories, improved camaraderie, increased participation in scholarly projects, and increased awareness of gender-specific issues. This article describes a recommended pathway to establishing a WIR group, with the goal of fostering sponsorship and promoting leadership, recruitment, and advancement of women in radiology. Barriers to implementation are considered, and resources to facilitate success, including a range of resources provided by the American Association for Women in Radiology, are reviewed. By implementing the provided framework, radiologists at any career stage can start a WIR group, to promote the advancement of their female colleagues.

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