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AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology


[(18)F]FDG-PET is a widely used technique for specific evaluation of disease and treatment response in oncology. However, the principles behind [(18)F]FDG-PET imaging allow a wide-ranging array of benign and malignant pathologies to be identified on both initial and routine surveillance imaging. This is important for clinicians and radiologists, alike, in that effective and accurate evaluation of malignancy and metastatic disease, specifically involving the spine and central nervous system, is crucial. In this article, we review the normal and posttherapy appearance of the spine on [(18)F]FDG-PET, the various types and patterns of metastatic disease that involve the spine and spinal cord, and, finally, important spinal pathologies that may mimic malignancy on [(18)F]FDG-PET.

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