State of Academic Radiology: Current Challenges, Future Adaptations

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Seminars in ultrasound, CT, and MR


There are approximately 200 academic radiology departments in the United States. While academic medical centers vary widely depending on their size, complexity, medical school affiliation, research portfolio, and geographic location, they are united by their 3 core missions: patient care, education and training, and scholarship. Despite inherent differences, the current challenges faced by all academic radiology departments have common threads; potential solutions and future adaptations will need to be tailored and individualized-one size will not fit all. In this article, we provide an overview based on our experiences at 4 academic centers across the United States, from relatively small to very large size, and discuss creative and innovative ways to adapt, including community expansion, hybrid models of faculty in-person vs teleradiology (traditional vs non-traditional schedule), work-life integration, recruitment and retention, mentorship, among others.

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