A time local subset feature selection for prediction of sudden cardiac death from ECG signal

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Medical & biological engineering & computing


Prediction of sudden cardiac death continues to gain universal attention as a promising approach to saving millions of lives threatened by sudden cardiac death (SCD). This study attempts to promote the literature from mere feature extraction analysis to developing strategies for manipulating the extracted features to target improvement of classification accuracy. To this end, a novel approach to local feature subset selection is applied using meticulous methodologies developed in previous studies of this team for extracting features from non-linear, time-frequency, and classical processes. We are therefore enabled to select features that differ from one another in each 1-min interval before the incident. Using the proposed algorithm, SCD can be predicted 12 min before the onset; thus, more propitious results are achieved. Additionally, through defining a utility function and employing statistical analysis, the alarm threshold has effectively been determined as 83%. Having selected the best combination of features, the two classes are classified using the multilayer perceptron (MLP) classifier. The most effective features would subsequently be discussed considering their prevalence in the rank-based selection. The results indicate the significant capacity of the proposed method for predicting SCD as well as selecting the appropriate processing method at any time before the incident. Graphical abstract ᅟ.

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Adult; Algorithms; Area Under Curve; Death, Sudden, Cardiac; Electrocardiography; Female; Heart Rate; Humans; Male; Middle Aged; ROC Curve; Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted; Time Factors; Young Adult

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